Word of Mouth & Craft Brewers

As a regular reader of Craft Brewing Business I look forward to their articles to help me continue my knowledge of the craft beer industry and the markets it serves. The June 13 th article entitled: “Setting new breweries about through branding and positioning. quickly caught my attention. PubGearUSA is an avid supporter of the craft beer industry because we sincerely appreciate the craftsmanship of local brewers. Our mission is to promote craft brewers; we accomplish this by exposing craft beer enthusiasts to new brands and providing a cost effective way to acquire authentic branded items.

Challenges for new craft breweries…

The article was concise and to the point in demonstrating the challenges those new breweries have to differentiate themselves in an increasingly growing market. Briefly, it discussed the following points: Having a story, unique location, price, service and branding. I wanted to add a few thoughts to the last bullet item: branding in hopes that it is helpful to a new brewer.

Your brand...a visual way for your customer to identify with you...

Your brand is a visual way for your customers to identify with you, your story and the beer you produce. The challenge is to identify the cost effective and productive means to expose your market to your brand. The point I would like to add is emphasizing the value of customer endorsements and word of mouth marketing or  marketing buzz. You can rarely see products and services advertised today without having ratings or a testimonial attached to them. Ratings and testimonials work because people have been inundated with marketing messages and thus have more trust their friends to point them to goods and services that they believe in. 

Share your excitement!

There's a great reason to share your excitement.... your brewery makes great beer!  "But don't take our word for it, see what your friends say."  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?   Your customers share your excitement when they wear your T-shirt or hat or drink from your pint glasses.  It's a vote of confidence that is quickly shared.