The ubiquitous Shaker Pint Glass – Love it or hate it….

Perhaps one of the more common glasses that are used to serve beer is the “Shaker-style” beer glass. While this style of glass has its share of distracters, it remains a popular glass for many.                                              



The Beer geek...

For the beer geek or snob, the use of the shaker pint glass has no place in the pure craft beer world. An article taken from “Should the shaker pint glass go away?” written by Julia Herz,    provides some compelling evidence that the glass is perhaps not the optimal way to enjoy some beers.

The type of glass does make a difference...

We agree that the type of glass makes a difference which is why we try to carry a variety of styles on Additionally, I believe that the place or experience has a lot to do with the choice of glass. You wouldn’t consider using fine glassware at your backyard barbeque but the Shaker-style Pint Glass would look pretty cool and if one of your guests accidently breaks one, they’re easily replaced at a small cost.                

If you're out to educate use the correct glass...                                                                   

So if you’re out to introduce a good friend to the world of Stout style beers, let us recommend the Rogue Stout glass designed specifically for this purpose. Or if you’re trying to entice someone with your craft beer experienced pallet with an ale aged in a rum barrel, by all means please select one of an assortment of stemmed “tulip” styled glasses.


                                                                     Foolproof Goblet

To the craft beer purists we appreciate your efforts to continually refine the art of drinking fine craft beer, but in the end we’re all just “Celebrating What Brings Us Together”.

Bottom’s Up!