The Big Brew Theory!

Last week we saw the announcement that Mark Wahlberg was launching a new reality show entitled: "The Big Brew Theory".  Clearly,  the growing popularity of craft beer is now in full swing.  For those individuals who savor craft beer this will be further confirmation of the love affair people are having with locally brewed craft brew.  Ironically, just a few months ago some where suggesting that the market for craft beer was quickly becoming over saturated with new breweries. 

Comments regarding this announcement appear to be skeptical, questioning the need for yet another reality show.  Others questioning the beer that will ultimately be produced by 4 MIT students and their  "hot" assistant.  But I doubt this show would have ever been conceived if the producers did not feel that there was a real audience interest in the subject matter. It will be interesting to see if there will be a sudden "spike" in craft beer sales. Further, we'll be interested to see who the advertisers will be.

Short Blog, but wanted to get a few thoughts out on this.