It’s about choice… and taste.

What a boring world it would be if there were no choices. But you already know that. That’s why you choose to be a craft beer enthusiast. Despite all of the wonderful choices there are to make with regards to your beverage, we wonder what affect it has when you enter a bar or pub and the number of choices is relegated to a couple of the “major” brands and a few “crafty” beer selections… you know who we mean.

Poor choices or the number of choices?

What goes on in your mind? Do you think less of the establishment? Do you wonder if the food selection is as bland? Are you thinking…oh I wish we went somewhere else? The deeper I go into the land of Craft Beer, the more conscious my decisions become about whether or not to visit an establishment.

The joy of being pleasantly delighted and surprised…

Perhaps one of the best parts of being a craft beer drinker is the joy of finding and tasting a previously unknown beer that just blows you away with flavor. Going to beer fests offers that opportunity on a grand scale. But sometimes the ole’ palate can take a beating. I love the experience of meeting a new brewer and tasting their best when my taste buds are rested and eager for new flavors. This happen recently with my visit to Goodfellow’s Brewing Co. located in Lakeville, MA., a relatively new nano-brewer who has his brewing process down pat!

Bottom’s up!