Hop shortage a looming danger or opportunity?

Early this year we started to hear the rumblings of a bubble burst in the Craft Beer industry. The belief was that there was becoming a “glut” of new craft brewers that would create an over-crowded environment resulting in many going out of business. A recent Wall Street Journal article along with views that I hear amongst small craft brewers is the concern of a shortage of hops.

A short term crisis…

The Wall Street Journal Article “Rising Hops Prices Make Craft Brewers Jumpy, June 2014, Tom Acitelli, touches upon the impending shortage,  http://on.wsj.com/1qKKPd0. He foresees prices increasing to a point that could force brewers who brew under 15,000 barrels, out of business.

New opportunity…

The opportunity to fill the void left by the shortage of hops is present, however any new plantings would take a minimum of 3 years to produce a mature enough plant. But before we throw in the towel, lets remember that it’s called CRAFT BEER for a reason. Craft Brewers will continue to produce new flavors from using, perhaps unconventional ingredients. Scarcity also drives demand which could turn to a good thing for some brewers.

Certainly our thirst for flavorful brew will not go away and hopefully the current situation will result in surprisingly, positive results. Support for our craft brewers is needed, and we can help by spreading the word. What do you think?  Visit us at