Authentic – wanting the real thing, not a substitute

By definition Authentic means, real or genuine, not copied or false. Further, authenticity means undisputed credibility.

The Brewers Association defines craft beer specifically as beer brewed in quantities of no more than six million barrels annually, and that the brewery cannot be more than 25% owned by a large international company.

Craft vs. crafty / Authentic vs. substitute

While true craft beer enthusiasts know the difference between an authentic craft beer as opposed to a “crafty” substitute such as Blue Moon or Shock Top brands, many still see these as being craft beers. PubGearUSA has taken the role of promoting craft brewers by specifically partnering with those brewers that meet the Brewers Association standard. This is why we use the word AUTHENTIC in describing our merchandise and why we only associate with real craft brewers. As a small business we appreciate and understand the challenges these brewers face and are guided by our belief that in working together we can achieve our goals of promoting craft brewers.

Yup there’s an App for that!

To help those interested in seeking only authentic craft brewed beer we did a search on Google and without much effort were able to find an App to help identify the beer their drinking as being an authentic craft beer vs a crafty one. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Stay authentic my friends, and when you want to display your pride in the beer you drink visit to acquire truly Authentic Craft Beer Apparel and Accessories.