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Time to take a break and stop worrying …for now

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Off and on over the past 6-7 months there have been a number of articles suggesting that there will soon be a huge bubble burst within the Craft Beer industry. Is it possible? Most certainly. Will it definitely happen? Maybe. No one really knows because no one can see into the future. Many industries have gone from having large numbers of companies to bust. Take the automobile industry for instance. At one time there were over 1,800 car manufacturers in the United States. That number was soon reduced to the "Big 3", Chrysler, Ford, & General Motors. If it happened in one industry it could happen in another.

Interesting facts!

The Brewer’s association released some facts and figures that would tend to suggest that the Craft Beer industry has a long way to go before there is a bust.

By the way, wonder which country shown on this chart has the most breweries? Switzerland! On a per capita basis , this would mean that the US would have over 14,000 breweries!

What me worry?

So should brewers let their guard down? I don’t think that would be wise. The message for any business is that to be successful and sustainable, you need a sound business plan, proper financial support and a good product.

Build it and they will come!

The most important thing a brewer needs to focus on is, pleasing his customers. And , the only way to do that is make good tasting beer and get the word out!


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