Birth of an Idea…The idea for PubGearUSA began well over 10 years ago. As a frequent business traveler, I always enjoyed visiting local brewpubs in hopes of discovering a great new local brew.  Perhaps it is a personal characteristic trait of wanting to try new things, somewhat similar to those who are passionate about craft beer, that drew me to starting PubGearUSA. What I often noticed was many of these pubs sold promotional items to help their customers remember their visit.  While I knew that I didn’t have the talent to brew my own beer, I began to see a way that I could get involved!

Community...As I continued to meet more and more people who are really “into” locally brewed beer and distilled liquors,  I observed a strong sense of community. Over time the idea of PubGearUSA and sense of community solidified.  Soon I started meeting with brewers and distillers and was taken by their passion for their craft. Whether talking about their beer, gin, rum or other beverage, they would frequently tell a story which, often times included an indepth history lesson. These brewers/distillers are truly a community of craftsmen who take great pride in their brewing/distilling ability and are continually striving to improve their craft.

Passion...Passion is what differentiates the mediocre from the best. It is what compells us to put long hours into something because of our total commitment to what we believe in. Passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible. Passion is the key ingredient that local brewers and distillers put into their products. Now that’s something to emulate and celebrate!

Celebrate!!! Celebrating what brings us together” is more than a tag-line; it is a statement that embodies how and why we come together and is the guiding inspiration behind PubGearUSA. Whether to share common beliefs, experiences, teams or whatever, getting together with good friends and family usually happens with the sharing of a good beer or favorite concoction.  It is my hope that my efforts to help promote the growing community of brewery & distillery craftsmen along with their devoted followers, will allow all of us to join the celebration and share what brings us together!  

Join Us! Whether you're a brewer or just a person who enjoys craft brewed beer or spirits,  I hope you'll visit PubGearUSA and our brewers frequently and share your appreciation and support of the community of Craft Beer, Local Distillers and Pub lovers!


                                                                            Jack Greene - Owner, PubGearUSA